It’s very early days but it looks as if Inishowen has voted No to the proposal to abolish the Seanad. According to RTE, Dublin is voting No as are other urban areas with the rest of the country voting Yes.

According to RTE Donegal North East is too close to call but it looks as if Inishowen is voting No with the Letterkenny area with a slight Yes majority.

It could be that with Fianna Fail opposing the abolition that Inishowen was more likely to say No – or it could just be a suspicion of the far away Dublin government.

It’s still early days though and that could all change.


The latest tally figures for Donegal North East are:-

Donegal North East Tally, 8,650 No, 8,061 Yes

Update 2

No 52% Yes 48% as regards the tallies in Donegal North East.