There are two major attractions on Saturday night. They are arguably the two best local acts. The Decibellas, (Debbie & Geraldine) are getting better and better all the time and performed to great applause last weekend in Rosatos. They are playing in Rosatos again this Saturday night after a cancellation. THey were re-booked because of popular acclaim.

In the Sean Ti, in Greencastle, as part of Kevin and Laura’s wedding celebrations, the Yetis will be playing on Saturday night. There’s a saying in the area that says that, if you want a crowd, book the Yetis. You can’t go wrong. Most people would call them the best band in the area and beyond.

However, the Decibellas are creeping closer – especially with young James McDonald on the drums.

It’s just a shame that they are playing at the same time. Maybe I’ll watch the Decibellas early on and then go up the Sean Ti.