It’s unusual for someone to be on two weeks in a row in Rosatos but after their great gig last weekend the Decibellas (formerly known as Debbie & Geraldine) will play Rosatos again this Saturday night. Rosatos had a call-off and they asked a few people who they would want to see back and the Decibellas got the call.

Last weekend they were augmented by excellent musician James McDonald (ex of James & Niamh). Since he and Niamh split, James has also played with the Voice of Ireland girl, Roisin, whose surname I forget (was it Carlin?)

James obviously has a good ear for the girls!

The girls and James had to play no fewer than four encores last weekend as the crowd demanded more to great applause and roars of approval. The Decibellas are just getting better and better. They do great harmonies and they look as if they are enjoying themselves which spreads to the audience.

It should be a great Saturday night.