It is less than 2 years since they first appeared at the Moville & Greencastle Music Academy Songwriters Competition. They finished runners-up splitting a guy from Cork and a guy from Dublin at a great night in the Sean Ti. Now Debbie & Geraldine are regulars on the circuit in Moville & Greencastle and further abroad.

They are better each time I see them so they must work at it. They both have great voices and do great harmonies. They really connect with the audience. The last time they were in Rosatos they had most of the audience clapping and cheering and singing along to some of the songs.

You get some acts who look miserable and don’t look as if they like the audience much (though seldom in Rosatos) but Debbie & Geraldine look as if they are enjoying it as much as the audience – and maybe more.

They are playing in Rosatos on Saturday night. It shouldn’t be missed. It’ll be a great night. Debbie does a great version of Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe” and I’ll be requesting that as usual.