What a gloomy day it was in Moville today. It was like the last two. It’s warm enough and some sun was predicted – but it never arrived.

It was so gloomy that when I went up town at just before 1pm today I saw that the street lights were on in the upper part of the town. These are triggered automatically when it gets to a certain level of darkness so the system must have been tricked into thinking it was about 7pm or somethimg like that.

Very often the weather is slightly better than predicted here but over the past few days it has been the opposite. We have been promised a reasonable amount of sun over the next few days – but we were promised some sun over the last few days and hardly saw it.

It’s reasonably warm at the moment and dry. If we could just get a bit of sun over the next few days that would take us into the gloomier days of October quite nicely.