It looks to be a good blackberry crop this year. They are not huge so far in this blackberry season. They are slightly small but plentiful. There are lots of them bunched together on the bushes.

My father has already picked a load and made five or six pots of blackberry jam. I’m sure other people’s home-made blackberry jams will be appearing soon in Gillen’s. They certainly are plentiful.

We’ve got a plentiful supply of berries here in Moville if ever there is a famine. We’ve got those wild orange raspberries here too which are out earlier in the summer. It seems they were introduced here from South Africa. My father tells me that they used to be only up the Upper Pier but have spread out from there across the area.

But now it is blackberry season and there’s a plentiful crop to pick – and all free. We’ve got some out in the garden and I like to pick a few to put in my cereal in the mornings.