Muff Festival 2013 may be long behind us, but a wee night of fun for the organisers and helpers was had last night! And chitter chatter about next years festival already underway.

During the festival weekend all the workers are busy ensuring that everything runs smoothly and don’t get the chance to let the hair down and enjoy an evening so the Point Inn allowed such to happen last night. Excellent food, wine and craic certainly was the theme of the night.

A rather complex dingbats quiz sheet got the brains working, thinking, and cursing and debates over food portion sizes made for a bit of banter! My cod was bigger than my neighbours, but that was ok. I was hungrier!! W’s ice cream was more elaborate than F’s. F wasn’t having it, so she enquired off W why his was more appealing. He explained that his was an ‘ice-cream sundae’ as opposed to her ice cream selection! She then wanted him to share nuts and marshmallows alike. Oh dear, he didn’t part with the nuts!

And T managed to sit tight and let the lovely ladies squeeze through when necessary! Showing just how trim he and those ladies are! Mura was almost gunned down on announcing that he didn’t have the dingbat answers with him. Fortunately for him, he was messing! Phew! And as for Michelle’s camera, I personally don’t wish to see just what she did capture! A certain crazy two were under the table posing at one stage! Maybe best locked away!

The Festival Committee do so much work behind the scenes of the festival weekend and it is often overlooked by the public. So much time and effort goes into making that one weekend a year a success. So thanks to all of you guys for the work you do in the community and ensuring the continuation of it. Thanks for a lovely night and here’s to many more festivals and wee night’s out!