One of Muff’s very own ‘ladies’ turned the big 50 today! She is known to just about everyone in the local community and loved by all.

Frances is the Manageress of Muff’s ‘Spar’ shop and is evidently respected and loved by all her colleagues. She never fails to have time to speak to her customers and staff alike. A smile is ever present on her face.

I’ve known Frances for more years than I can remember and she once did me an amazing turn by paying me a simple visit. Over 22 years ago my eldest son was born in Co. Clare and made a rather early arrival into the world. Frances made the journey down to Co. Clare and was a real rock to me and my family. One never forgets a good turn.

So here’s to many many more birthday’s lovely lady and I hope the next 50 years are good to you. Cheers missus!

And just for the record, you really don’t look a day over 35.