There used to be several girls behind the tills at the First Trust Bank in Derry beside Sainsburys. There were usually 2, 3 or 4. However, they have now closed off two of the four windows so that there can be a maximum of two there. However, there is now usually just one.

Sometimes the girl at the Foreign Exchange window will help out if there is a big queue. However, if there is someone who wants to exchange currencies or send money abroad then that window is out and there is usually just one window available.

When I was there earlier this week there were 16 people queuing with just one window open. Another girl came along to help out at the 2nd window.

THere is a big sign beside the counter saying something like if you want to avoid queuing ask for details as to how to avoid it.

They have facilities to Quicklodge cheques there now. They would also want to put you onto internet banking the same way that AIB did in Moville just before disappearing out of town.

One gets the feeling that they are deliberately making the service worse and slower for people who go to the bank to put in or withdraw money so that they are forced into internet banking and Quicklodge of cheques.

THe girls at the bank ar every helpful and friendly as they were at AIB. However, we all know that they don’t make the rules and they are not responsible for policy. It is the faceless bean counters at head office that do this – and money and not service is their priority.

They don’t realise that in the long term it is good service that gets you money.