Today is the 30th birthday of one of Muff’s popular young (well getting older) men! The local barman, drummer, and now student is indeed half way to 60!

Kevin is known to almost everyone in the village. He’s the red head behind the bar in the Squealing Pig and always carries out ‘service with a smile’. I’m sure there are times when he’d rather be cursing some of the customers, but ever the professional, a smile is always intact!

Kevin lives a rather social, outgoing life. He can be found at many a festival and is clearly at one with nature in that he doesn’t mind roughing it in the tent (mind you I doubt he spends much time in the tent on such occasions as he’s out mixing and mingling and getting up to God knows what).

The now half way to 60 year old can be found in his shorts and flip flops in the middle of winter down the Pig! A style of his own in every way, nothing will ever surprise one on meeting Kevin.

Recently he has made his name in the music business (trying to keep up with big bro no doubt). He and his three amigos are going to be making headlines in the coming years. This is one band definitely worth looking out for!

Tiger, as he is known by Golly G, apparently after Tiger Woods, will be packing his wee schoolbag as we read, so here’s hoping he doesn’t get on the wrong side of his teachers! So as Kevin embarks on this newest chapter in life, that of a full time student, here’s wishing him every success.

Here’s to the next 30 Kevin! Have a great one dude!