A few days ago I was in one of the local butchers, being well mannered and waiting my turn in the queue! Whilst standing there I was observing the different meats on display (not a great meat lover myself I was intrigued by some of the varieties).

I think everyone likes a sausage sarnie every now and again and I noticed a sausage with a difference – chilli and chocolate! I remarked it to himself behind the counter and unbeknown to me, his lovely wife (I’m too kind I know S!) was behind me and told me that it really is a rather nice delicacy.

So I just had to sample! A couple of chilli and chocolate sausages were included in my meat order. Later that day I did cook them. And yes, that lady was indeed quite right, it was rather nice. Very unusual for my taste buds but I’d definitely recommend them for a wee change.

So chilli and chocolate it is from now on!