Today, September 11th means only one thing to a certain group of students across the country – Junior Cert results are out!!
After a summer of fun, the waiting and anticipation is finally over. In just over a few hours time our local students will be given their results from their respective schools.

It’s important that if the childs results are good or not as good as expected that we as parents celebrate them with our children. If the work was put in prior to the exams then praise is deserved irrespective of the result at this time. Every kid deserves praise for doing their best. And ‘their best is the best they can do’ so it deserves to be celebrated.

Many parents will be waiting anxiously at home today on that phone call (including myself) and when it comes it is a time to be proud of each and every one of them.

So here’s wishing everyone and especially the kids from the Muff area the very best of luck with the results later this morning.