St. Aengus Church in Burt opened it’s doors to a large group of bikers yesterday and they came in their droves. Fr Gerard Sweeney celebrated the 3rd annual mass for bikers and the attendance showed just how popular it is.

Bikers from Scotland, all over Donegal and Derry, Blood bikes and Gardai bikes were all present. Fr Sweeney said that a number of bikers asked for the mass to be held a few years ago and now in its third year, it’s proving to be very popular.

A book of remembrance is now opened where bikers can put names of friends and fellow bikers who have lost their life on the roads and they will be remembered at mass with Fr Sweeney.

A biker himself Fr Sweeney told his leather clad congregation yesterday that ‘being on a bike is dangerous enough, but its other road users who cause accidents’. He told us that recently while on his bike he came upon a female driver applying makeup and on her mobile phone whilst driving her car! A definite accident waiting to happen. He encourage all bikers that the most important thing on the roads is to ‘look after yourself’. And to always take care.

There was a collection during the mass for the RNLI and a total of €900 was collected. This money was then presented to the RNLI at Ned’s Point in Buncrana following the biker ride to Buncrana and Ned’s Point. Prior to leaving the chapel Fr Sweeney blessed every bike there. On arrival at Ned’s Point the RNLI had a fantastic welcoming coffee/tea and selection of sandwiches and sweet delicacies for everyone.

A lovely day was had by all and no doubt next years biker mass will be even bigger. Happy biking guys and gals, and stay safe on the roads!

(A selection of photographs from the mass and the day are on the ‘craic on Muff’ facebook page)