Derry’s top band, currently, John Deery and the Heads came over on a Thursday night to Rosatos to play a 45-minute slot of their own songs for Tony Bramwell who was over for the Songwriter Contest earlier this year. Tony liked them and went up to speak to them afterwards asking for some of their CDs to take away with him to send to influential people in the music business in England.

He doesn’t do that too often.

One of the band said ‘hello’ to me and I didn’t recognise him immediately. He said “you don’t remember me’ but then something clicked. He was part of a duo who had played in the Town Clock at the BeatlesFest 2010 in front of Tony Bramwell on his first ever visit.

They played a great set of Beatles stuff. They were brilliant.


While in Rosatos with John Deery, playing for Tony, Oisin approached Eddie asking for a gig so Eddie took his name. I told him that I had seen him and that he was very good.

I didn’t think anything would come of it but I just got this from Eddie “We have a new 2 piece tomorrow night. Remember John Deery and the Heads who played to Tony? Well 2 guys out of that band, Oisin & Mark, are playing tonight in Rosatos”.

That’s great news. I had been intending staying in a bit more now that the summer is over but I’ll definitely be out tonight.

Eddie later corrected this saying “Actually it’s Oisin from ‘John Deery and the Heads’ and Mark from ‘Little Bear’. Check them out great band, they played Electric Picnic last week”.

It should be a great night!