It was a great performance by Michael Thomas, the American who has played and recorded with Henry McCullough, the only Irishman to play Woodstock and who played lead guitar with Paul McCartney’s Wings. We wondered whether he would be in the same League as Dubliner Mick Dunne who had played a great gig in Rosatos the previous night.

But Michael Thomas was up there with him. He thrilled the crowd with his renditions of Beatles songs. It seems that he can play not only a Beatles set but a Dylan set, a Rolling Stones set, a Jimi Hendrix set and a Pink Floyd set. That’s what you call a tribute act.

It was great to see so many people so happy as they sang along with the classic songs that will be sung forever more.

Was it as good a night as Al Diesan last Saturday night in the DylanFest? It was for Beatles’ fans. It was one of the most enjoyable nights at a BeatlesFest perhaps to go along with the two nights in the Bar-a-Cuda where because of a rainout a band from Liverpool, The Cavernites, and two bands from Glasgow Candlestick Park and The Modests and the performance in Rosatos of Angie McLaughlin’s Sick and Indigent Song Club when it was absolutely jam-packed.

Tonight is the close of the BeatlesFest and the close of the summer season. Mick Dunne will be playing a Beatles set in the Ferryport and String Fellas will be in Big Ben’s.

then it is back to school and more serious consideration. Try and get yourself out for one last dose of fun. Between here and Christmas there’s only Halloween.