Tony will probably in Rosatos early afternoon having a pint. From about 4pm he will be in Maguires for the very first time. He’s looking for new talent and there will be a Beatles Open Mic there where people play some of their own songs and some Beatles or Sixties songs or Sixties influenced songs like Martin Moir doing Oasis. Martin will start at 4pm and then Dubliner Mick Dunne, who played Rosatos last night, will be on at 5pm.

Tony will go up to the microphone and give a talk about his time with the Beatles and will take questions after that at 6pm. After Tony finishes, brilliant songwriter contest winner Lawrence Hackett will get up to play and then an Open Mic will take place. Leave your name at the bar if you want to play.

After that Tony will be in Rosatos for the start of American Michael Thomas’s act and then go up the Sean Ti to give a talk during a break in Dubliner Mick Dunne’s act.