The Muff Ladies night out for August saw them venture to God’s country in Quigleys Point. The Point Inn was the meeting point and proved to be a fun one too!

This night however the ladies made a bit of a slip up! Instead of asking for the Wine List they were so anxious to get alcohol they just ordered a bottle of Chardonnay! Mind you if they’d taken their time and listened to the ‘young’ lady who preferred Sauvignon Blanc, they may not have been out of pocket quite so much. Turned out at the end of the night and after other bottles were ordered, that it was a rather expensive bottle! Needless to say the purses were a little lighter on the way home!

Then you had the butchers wife taking off her shoes (we did wonder why some people moved a little farther away)! She wasn’t happy with just removing the shoes, she insisted on playing musical chairs in the bar. And then they found two men who tried chatting the ladies up! Well the younger one may have been good looking but just not talented or witty enough for these ladies!

Birthday cakes were presented and candles blown out. Oh if only those wishes were known! And it’s just great that mobile phones have calculators as the bill was a little higher than usual (should’ve went with the Sauvignon Blanc) and the brains weren’t functioning quite right! But the pennies were found and the dish washing wasn’t required as some had thought.

Some of the ladies just weren’t able to hack the long night that lay ahead. One had to ring her other half to come collect her. She decided that her bed was calling. Mind you she did have an early start this morning so she’s excused just this once! The said lady is also hosting a drinks party for us on Christmas Eve (you do remember don’t you) so hopefully she’ll have some Sauvignon Blanc on that occasion.

And now a few of these ladies are planning on attending the Ursula Cabaret night next month at The Beech Hill Country House hotel. They will fit in just nicely with the 40’s themed night. Drumahoe look out and lock up the bar!

Like every group there’s always one or two who are never ready for home. So the two bold ladies from the group decided to head to the local and a wee bit of craic they found there. Some stories just aren’t for the printing!!!!!