BeatlesFest Programme of Events
Aug 30th – Sep 1st

2011 BeatlesFest on the Lough Video

Tony Bramwell

George Harrison was his best pal as a child and they hung around with Paul McCartney at weekends. Tony became The Beatles road manager, PR guy, talent scout discovering James Taylor, Jim Hendrix and later Eva Cassidy. He later headed Polydor records with the Bee Gees, The Jam, Roxy Music and Slade in his stable. He was responsible for the music for Grease and Saturday Night Fever which he got the Bee Gees to do and 5 of the Bond Films getting Paul McCartney to do Live & Let Die. Tony will be talking about The Beatles but also looking for talent as he has just started his own record label. A National Songwriters Festival will coincide with the BeatlesFest this year to help Tony find new talent.

Mick Dunne
Returns for his 2nd BeatlesFest and 3rd visit in all. Known in Moville as the Human Jukebox for all the songs he knows. People keep saying he sounds as if he is a 2 or 3 piece band. He played at Beatles Week in Liverpool last weekend which attracts 400,000 people. Indeed he played in the very prestigious Cavern where The Beatles started their career.

Michael Thomas
He is from New York and has recorded many successful songs of his own. Has sung and recorded with Henry McCullough, the only Irishman to play at Woodstock and a member of Paul McCartney’s Wings. Michael was congratulated by Mickey Bradley of The Undertones after his recent rendition of Here Comes The Sun on BBC Radio Foyle recently.

Paddy the Shoe

Paddy would arguably be the top local musician and he taught two generations of children here to like Dylan.

String Fellas

Top band from Derry who play a lot around here.

Come Together Night (Fri)
Rosatos – Mick Dunne
Maguires – Michael Thomas
Rawdons – Paddy the Shoe
Big Ben’s – Beatles DJ & Cocktails

Strawberry Fields Afternoon (Sat)
Maguires (4pm) – Beatles Open Mic including Songwriter Contest winner Lawrence Hackett from Cork and Martin Moir
Maguires (6pm – Talk and Questions from Beatles Manager Tony Bramwell
Maguires (6:30pm) – Open Mic (leave your name at the bar if you want to play)

All You Need is Love Night (Fancy Dress) (Sat)

Rosatos – Michael Thomas
Sean Ti – Mick Dunne
Big Ben’s – Clockwork

Here Comes the Sun Afternoon (Sunday)
Maguires – Michael Thomas (3:30) followed by Open Mic (leave your name at the bar if you want to play)

Let It Be Night – Sunday
Ferryport – Mick Dunne
Big Ben’s – String Fellas


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