A few years ago I purchased a selection of tee shirts from a new boutique in town (unfortunately it has since closed down). Two friends admired the tops and decided to visit the boutique and purchase a few of their own. Each girl came home with an identical one which I had.

In June this year one of the girls came along to the One Big Weekend event in Derry with me, and it turned out we were wearing the same top. It certainly didn’t stop us from enjoying our day.

Today the other friend visited me for coffee. She was wearing her top which is the same as mine and I remarked what an amazing piece of clothing it was. She laughed and told me the story of her visitors from Mayo recently who also admired the same top!

Having gone out on the Friday night with her visitors the friend made breakfast the following morning. The Mayo lady commented on her top that morning saying ‘where did you get the two similar tops, the one you wore last night and the one you’re wearing now. They’re very similar but equally beautiful.’ My friend said ‘I’m wearing the same one now that I wore last night’. Then she looked down and realised that her tee shirt was on inside out! Oh gosh, the embarrassment!

At least, she certainly got value for money. Two for the price of ONE!!!!!