Lady J, the proprietor of an Independent bookshop in Derry had an interesting customer to the shop very recently! A young man arrived in the shop and got chatting to J. They conversed for a while and then Lady J remarked that he looked ‘familiar’. Being the gentleman that he is, the said man did not give anything away as to his identity!

‘Did you work in Bennigans bar?’ she asked him. The reply came as a ‘no’. Hmm thought Lady J and then proceeded to enquire if it was The Dungloe or The Gweedore that he worked in. Each time it was a ‘no’ in reply.

By now Lady J realised that she was on the completely wrong track. ‘Oh fuck’ says she, ‘are you the Mayor of Derry?’ To which Martin Reilly, Mayor of Derry, replied ‘yes’!! Oh dear.

Lady J made some nervous chatter with Martin, and even got the lovely Mayor to sign her infamous chair. Fast friends they have now become! Next time Martin pops by, she’ll recognise him….I hope!!