I thanked Al Diesan for coming and for his performances in Rosatos and Maguires. I told him how much we all enjoyed ourselves. He sent this message:-

“I really appreciated the nights at Rosato’s and Maguires. Saturday was very special for me too. I never felt an emotion like after Like A Rolling Stone – only when I was at Bob’s concerts. It was the same energy – like Bob was there.

“Also I think that the good thing was to play with basis from the computer: a complete sound can create a different atmosphere, more than only the only acoustic – and Eddie too was very satisfied about this”.

Rolling Stone

Yes, when he played Like A Rolling Stone it was astonishing the atmosphere. The whole audience was singing along. It was like being at a stadium. It was magical.

I think that everyone who was there would want to be back – and there were a lot there.

There was a good news in Al’s words. I hadn’t even dared ask if he would be back next year just in case I would be disappointed.

So, the good news is that AL Diesan is coming back for the 2104 DylanFest in Moville.

Great News!