Moville will reel and rock to the sound of Beatles songs this weekend. It’s the 7th annual BeatlesFest in Moville & Greencastle – the only annual BeatlesFest in Ireland.

One big difference this time is that we are asking people to wear Sixties Gear this weekend and for the girls to wear Sixties Make-up. Local beautician Rosie is doing a Sixties Make-up deal charging a reduced rate of €8 for it.

It seems that it is pretty easy for local girls and visitors to get Sixties Gear but it is a little more difficult but not impossible for guys.


It would be fun if people wore Sixties Gear. It would remind Tony Bramwell of old times when he saw every gig by the Fab Four. It will add some colour. I’ll be going to Derry to get mine tomorrow.

However, even if you just wear a headband or a bright shirt that would be something. Join the Beautiful people.

it could make it a great last weekend of the summer and there will be some great music paid before we all go back to school, university or work.

It’ll be pretty quiet in town next week. Make the most of it this weekend. If you only want to dress up once make it on the Saturday night which will be Fancy Dress night.