After the very enjoyable DylanFest it is almost time for the BeatlesFest this weekend. It will take place from Friday, August 30th to Sunday, September 1st. To spread the word, Michael Thomas, the American artist and myself went to Derry to appear on the Morning Show on BBC Radio Foyle.

After I had talked about it Michael played Here Comes the Sun, a difficult song to play, as there is a lot of picking in it. When he was finished he was complimented on it by Mickey Bradley the Undertones bass guitarist who also has a show.

Anyway if you want to listen to the show Click on the BBC Radio Foyle Morning Show

It’s a half-hour show and we are just over 18 minutes into it. You can fast forward to it if you like.

Michael, who cut his teeth in the bars of New York, is an excellent player. He will be playing in Rosatos and Maguires during the BeatlesFest this weekend.

To find out more about him click on his website Metband