Summer is coming to an end with the impending return to school and college over the coming days and weeks. But surely we folk in Muff can only say great things about the summer holidays this year. One didn’t need to venture off to pastures new, or sunny climates as all was right here on our doorstep. Early in the holidays the new playpark opened in Muff. This has probably been one of the best things to happen in the village in recent years. Eagerly awaited for many years, it finally opened it’s gates in mid July to the delight of all local kids and indeed parents. It’s now a haven to escape to during the day with the young ones. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s a meeting point.
The weather has helped also to make the summer a memorable one. A great spell was seen during the month of July and it certainly was enjoyed by all and sundry. Beaches were packed, beer gardens were busy and happy faces just seemed to be all around. Summer ’13 was a warm one!
And then there was the memorable Muff Festival! Boy, it was a good ‘un! Surely those in attendance will agree wthat it certainly was one of the best the village has seen. Great music, great weather and a great buzz about the village. And what about the reunion of the Accordion band? Simply outstanding. Even the later reunion on the Friday night/Sat morning!!! Oh, it won’t be forgotten for a while!!
All in all, the summer of 2013 was indeed a great one for all village folk. It brought people together and it made memories. So here’s to a great school year ahead and summer 2014 is just around the corner!