Having been holidayed out with the local festivals and the amazing Derry fleadh last week, it was lovely to have a wee regular night out with friends and family in the local tonight. Until last orders were called that is!

Having lost the local barman recently to the United States, the local clientele were confident that Kevin would see us all right no matter what! And normally he does…until a girl/gal comes upon the scene as we soon discovered.

Tonight the local wee gang gathered for the first time since early August and a great night’s craic was had. Last orders were called and all got sorted….and then a second call came for last orders! Only this one was rather hurried! The now popular lad behind the bar made it clear that he had a date and the final ‘last, last orders’ was a ‘no-go’!! K had a date and we had to get home a little earlier!!

The ‘Ghosts Legs’ might be up and coming but K had other things on his mind tonight…a date that is/was/will be….!! Here’s hoping it was worth it cos that sing song was just getting going.

Here’s to K and his date!!