THere was a big crowd, close to about a hundred at its peak, in Rosatos last night to see the return trip of Michael Moravek play there along with Sean Hiboy who was deputising for Kerstin Becker who had to cancel her flight at the last moment as her doctor advised against it because of her pregnancy.

It was a great gig which the audience fully enjoyed. There were a lot of visitors to Moville at the gig, indeed the great majority were visitors to the town. Michael and Sean didn’t disappoint us. The audience sang along with many of the songs. It’s just a shame Kerstin couldn’t make it but Sean was an able deputy playing the mandolin as opposed to Kerstin’s violin.

Tonight will be the night Movillians turn out to add to the number of visitors who are here so tonight should be a bit special.

Bulrush for Derry, comprising Ryan O’Dochertaigh and Kevin Brown, will kick off their DylanFest at the Sean Ti, the magnificent Al Diesan will play Rosatos and Sean Hiboy has invited Michael Moravik to his gig in Rawdons.

Before that there is an Open Mic at the Putting Green Cafe on the shore from 2pm to 6pm and the Relics of Saint Valentine from Dublin will play Maguires starting at 3:30pm. Immediately after that will be an Open Mic with Billy McInnes from Scotland and Mickey ‘the Hat’ Roberts from Wales among the players.

There was also a crowd of about 30 to 40 to see Al Diesan at Maguires last night.