Here is the Programme of Events for the Sixties Festival so far. It will be added to.

For Accommodation see bottom of the page and also chartered buses running from Derry to Moville for the festival.

The Acts


Al Diesan is from Sardinia. He headlined the DylanFest in 2010 and 2011. He has Dylan just right. He even plays just like him. One local musician who has seen Dylan play more than 40 times said he’d rather see Al-Diesan now.

Michael Moravek and Sean Hiboy

Michael and Kerstin headlined DylanFest 2012. They are from Germany. Dylan Aficionados rated them very highly and they enjoyed their stay in Moville. Kerstin, who is pregnant and can’t travel, is replaced this year by Sean Hiboy

The Relics of St Valentine

They are from Dublin and have played every DylanFest. Lead singer Marion McEvoy is from a very talented family with her sister Eleanor McEvoy also a top singer.

Ryan O’Dochertaigh & Kevin Brown

Their full band played one of the best gigs ever at DylanFest 2010 in the Bar-A-Cuda. Like The Plea they play Dylan in an upbeat style and had everyone up on the floor bopping around to Dylan music. They are from Derry.

Paddy the Shoe

Paddy is the inspiration for Moville’s DylanFest. He has brought up two generations of Dylan Fans in Moville teaching them the tin whistle and then guitar. He has played at every DylanFest.

Mickey ‘The Hat’ Roberts

After missing last year through injury, Mickey ‘The Hat’, from North Wales, will be making a reappearance at this year’s DylanFest. He plays the lesser known Dylan songs that Dylan aficionados appreciate.

Billy McInnes

Billy McInnes, originally from Scotland but now from the Glenties, has played at most of the DylanFests and his gigs are eagerly anticipated.

The Programme

Come Gather Round People – 22nd Aug (Thu)

10:30pm – Rosatos – Al Diesan
10pm – Jack’s Bar, Derry – Open Dylan session hosted by Bulrush

The Times They Are A Changin’ Night – 23 Aug (Fri)

Maguires – Open Mic with Mickey the Hat Roberts, Billy McInnes and the Scotch Barrs (6pm)
Rosatos – Michael Moravek & Sean Hiboy
Rawdons – Paddy the Shoe
Maguires – Al Diesan
Big Ben’s – Dylan DJ

Forever Young Afternoon – Sat 24th Aug
Putting Green Cafe – Mickey ‘The Hat’ Roberts & Billy McInnes
Maguires – The Relics of St Valentine (3:30) followed by Open Mic with Mickey The Hat Roberts and Billy McInnes amongst others. Players should leave their names at the bar

Stuck Inside of Moville Night – 24th Aug (Sat)

Rosatos – Al Diesan
Sean Ti – Bulrsuh (Ryan O’Dochertaigh & Kevin Brown)
Rawdons – Sean Hiboy with Michael Moravek

Mr Tambourine Man Afternoon – Sun 25th
Putting Green Cafe (2pm-6pm) – Open Mic with Mickey ‘The Hat’ Roberts & Billy McInnes and others
Maguires – Michael Moravek & Sean Hiboy (3:30pm) followed by Open Mic with Mickey The Hat Roberts and Billy McInnes amongst others. Players should leave their names at the bar

No Direction Home Night – 25th Aug (Sun)
9:30pm Rosatos – Bulrush (Ryan O’Dochertaigh & Kevin Brown)
10:00pm Ferryport – The Relics of St Valentine

Also appearing and doing some Dylan songs will be Jackie Cavanagh on the Saturday night at Big Ben’s and the Cavanagh Brothers on the Sunday night.


2011 BeatlesFest on the Lough Video

Come Together Night (Thu)
Rosatos – Beatles Open Mic

She Loves You night (Fri)
Rosatos – Mick Dunne
Maguires – Michael Thomas
Rawdons – Paddy the Shoe
Big Ben’s – Beatles DJ & Cocktails

Strawberry Fields Afternoon (Sat)
Putting Green Cafe – Beatles Open Mic

All You Need is Love Night (Fancy Dress) (Sat)

Rosatos – Michael Thomas
Sean Ti – Mick Dunne
Big Ben’s – Clockwork

Here Comes the Sun Afternoon (Sunday)
Putting Green Cafe – Open Mic
Maguires – Michael Thomas (3:30) followed by Open Mic

Let It Be Night – Sunday
Ferryport – Mick Dunne
Big Ben’s – String Fellas

National Songwriters Festival – Sat 31st Aug

Sean Ti – 2pm – 10pm

Buses from Derry

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