Word must have got round about Al Diesan’s amazing performance to open the DylanFest in Rosatos last night as Benny has grabbed the man from Sardinia for Maguires tonight. Not only that there will be an Open Mic in Maguires this evening starting soon after 6 o’clock that will take people a lot of the way to Al’s gig tonight which starts at 10:30pm.

Playing at the Open Mic will be Mickey ‘the Hat’ Roberts who has lost his distinctive hat and will have to be called something else this year. Also playing will be Billy McInnes from Scotland who now lives in the Glenties and has played in most, if not all, of the DylanFests. Another act to play is Joe Barr and his wife (whose name I have forgotten) over from Paisley in Scotland. Joe wrote the song Hello Moville which he will be singing tonight and Kinnego Bay which his wife will be singing.

It sounds like it could be a good night in Maguires. With Planeausters from Germany in Rosatos I’m not sure which gig I’ll go to.