Whilst photographing a beautiful young lady this evening in an idyllic location, one could never have predicted that an unruly scent would overcome us before the day was out! The young lady in question had a number of family members arrive as the evening went by and all were standing in for photographs.
The young lady’s father rushed home from his work to be included in a family picture before his daughter headed off to her formal for the night. Unusual for a man, he managed to get changed in record time (less than 2 minutes I believe). I do recall him kicking his foot out the door on his arrival and saying something but I didn’t quite get what it was! I later found out!
After the photos were all taken and family were all included, the young lady and her friends left for their big night. Coffee was served and lovely carrot cake was consumed. Then her father (my uncle) asked if one could smell ‘smelly socks’ from a photo!!! That explained the sudden scent which overcame the area on his arrival.
And we all thought it was the slurry on the neighbouring fields!!