Someone said to me the other day that the weather would pick up as soon as the kids went back to school. That seems a big shame. Although it was a good July this year there’s normally a good spell in May or June which makes the kids wish they were off school, July and August is like it is currently and September has a good spell when the kids are back at school.

However, if there are days when the weather is too bad for the kids to go to school surely there should be days when the weather is too good to go to school.

Snow Day

There’s nothing kids like better than a Snow Day when they hear on Highland Radio that the schools are off. Of course they have to give a day back later but they don’t care.

The same could happen when there is a really sunny day. The parents could keep on eye out for Highland radio the night before or even in the morning to say that the day was too good, it would be hot with plenty of sunny skies and people would be better off going to the beach and the kids should stay away from school.


I’m sure the staff would not be against this either. Of course, some working mothers might have problems but they seem to deal with it OK when it is a Snow Day. They always seem to find a way to make it work.

I’m sure that the children would learn better too when there is not sun streaming in the windows unsettling them and making them wish they were outside in the sun rather than in a classroom.

I think I’ll put the idea to the local Principals.