It seems to grow from year to year. It gets better all the time. The Greencastle Regatta is one of the most successful of our local events and some would say the most successful.

It was magnificent last night. The weather doesn’t matter so much there as both pubs on the front now have Canopies and the Ferryport had a Marquee to boot.

There were little showers of rain – but it didn’t spoil the fun. The band played Irish songs and the crowd watched and some danced.

The pubs there must have done pretty well.

The firework display was magnificent. It lit up the night sky. It was far better than I was expecting. It was beautiful and powerful at the same time.

I went there on 3 of the 4 nights of the festival and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Well done to all of those who organise it. You did Greencastle proud.