I couldn’t find my jacket last night when I was going out. Sometimes I wear it and sometimes I don’t. It depends on the temperature. So, sometimes I forget to bring it home with me.

When I lived in London you had only a 50% chance of getting your jacket or coat back if you left it in a pub. I remember being the last person out in a pub when they were closing the doors behind me. I remembered immediately that I had left my jacket inside. However, they had closed the door and I could get it in the morning. I went back in the morning and they said they didn’t have it.


I’ve left behind in Moville several times but always got it back. I don’t suppose there’s any point in someone in Moville stealing you jacket. They couldn’t wear it about the place. I don’t suppose that anyone would take it anyway.

When I went into Rosatos last night they had my jacket there. However, I had only been in there briefly in the past couple of days as I was in the Ferryport on Thursday night and the Sean Ti on Friday night.

It seems tha the jacket was delivered from either the Sean Ti or Ferryport to Maguires and then taken from Maguires to Rosatos. I’m very grateful to them. I don’t think I could lose that jacket if I tried though.