Is there really NO getting away from the dreaded song ‘Wagon Wheel’ by Nathan Carter? Prior to going on holidays last week I suffered listening to it from every musical group who played over the festival (well fortunately Ghosts Legs have much better taste). So it’s a really popular song and even I must admit, a catchy tune, but really, need it be played by Everyone?

So on escaping home for a few days last weekend I was sure I’d also escaped ‘Wagon Wheel’. BUt oh no. It just seemed to follow me everywhere I went. Some of the pubs and hotels I visited had excellent music on at night, but every one of the groups felt the need to break into ‘Wagonwheel’ before the night ended.

The Fleadh is well underway in Derry at present. I’m reviewing it for an Irish paper in the Uk, so find myself attending a lot of events. Fortunately it’s all traditional music so no sign of the dreaded ‘Wagonwheel’…..or so I thought! On Monday night whilst listening to a great band play in Dooleys, they suddenly broke into it!!! It was my time to leave and go to another establishment!!

If I ever get my hands on Nathan Carter I know what I’ll do with his bloody ‘Wagon wheel’!!