I went down to see the start of Peadar McKevitt’s swim down by where the kayaks are. Just outside there I saw a table with people around it. I thought it had something to do with Peadar’s swim.

It wasn’t though. It seems that there is a crowd of people doing 4 Marathons in 4 days. Down by the Kayaks was where they finished. They had run from Culdaff on the back roads through places like Ballyharry and then up to Shroove and through Greencastle, going down Lafferty’s Lane and running along the shore.

It was just the stragglers to come in when I was there. One of the people taking part is a guy in a wheelchair. This is the 2nd year of it. There were 12 last year and there are 35 this year.

The 2nd marathon starts in Moville tomorrow morning. It goes to Buncrana. They will be assembling at 8:30am by the pier and the start is at 9am. If you’re up early tomorrow morning it might be worth seeing.