As regular readers know, my father saw a girl in a black bikini romp out of our backhouse in her bare feet and black bikini. He said he wondered if he was imagining things. See Who was the Girl in the Black Bikini in our Garden? A neighbour of ours in the River Row confirmed that she had seen a girl bare footed in the River Row with a small black top and small black bottom.

So, who is the girl and why was she running from our back house in the River Row and what was she up to? I asked a well-known man who is considered a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, how he profiled the girl.

He said that he thought she was a girl who stayed at home with her parents. He said that she was out at night and brought a guy back with her to our back house. The guy would have been either married or with a partner,. If he wasn’t he would simply have brought her back to his place.

According to our profiler, the guy would have left to return to his partner once the dirty deed had been done. The girl fell asleep and panicked when she woke up in the morning. When she heard noise she decide to make a break for it without her high-heeled shoes.

I asked other people what they thought and whether they thought that this was a correct profile. It seemed that they all agreed that this was the most likely scenario.

So, what happens now? It seems that our neighbour who spotted the girl in the River Row with no shoes, which she thought odd, didn’t know the girl but she reckons she would recognize her again.

So, next time the black bikini girl comes down the River Row she may well be spotted by our neighbour. Even if she sees her about town she will recognize her. I think we are getting closer to a conclusion on this. The guy must be getting worried if our profiler is correct that he is a guy who either has a partner or a wife. If the profile is correct he must have thought he got away with it all once he had done the dirty deed and made his escape.

However, theories are already abounding in Moville as to the identity of the two. Wives or partners, did your man come back very late on a night last week? Was your daughter out all night? Did she come back in her bare feet in the morning?