I only knew he was going to swim from Moville to Greencastle about an hour before he set out. I went over to see him by the Kayak place before he set out. I was just about the only spectator as no one knew he was going. Peadar organised and swum round the lighthouse a few weeks ago. Perhaps that wasn’t far enough for him.

He must be Moville’s maddest man. He is accompanied by young Keith Craig and a young Spanish guy who is here to lean English on kayaks. I wonder what Spanish for ‘mad’ is. There was a discussion before they set out as to what the Spanish word for ‘help’ is.

Set Off

Peadar set off with the two kayakers at 2:20pm and expects to be in Greencastle between 4pm and 4:30pm. Keith asked him “What are you going to do about the breakwater in Greencastle?”

“What breakwater?” said Peadar.

He intends, if he can, to surface at the Post Office in Greencastle. It was slack water when he set off and he said that the tide would start going out about half an hour later. For slack water it seemed pretty choppy to me.

you have to hand it to Peadar, he may be mad as a hatter but he is game. You’d have to say that. I hope he makes it all the way. He’s not even wearing a wetsuit and I don’t think he’s put any oil on. He’s just in his swimming trunks – and he’ll be in the water for 2 to 3 hours. He’ll look like a prune when he comes out.

Good on you Peadar!

If you’re in Greencastle give him some encouragement when he arrives.