They have only just been discovered by a Moville audience but tonight will be the last ever performance of Savage Henry in Moville. They were sensations when they did their first gig in Rosatos just a few weeks ago and a god crowd grew into a huge crowd. The same happened last time they played. One of them is from Carn and one from Clonmany.

Now, their 3rd appearance will be their last. The duo is a singer / guitarist and a double bass player. That’s right, a double bass player. And it worked.

One guy who has played music about Moville for a long time said that he can’t remember ever a double bass player being part of an act in Moville.

However, the guy that plays the double bass is moving to England – and that will mean the end of Savage Henry. So, if you want to see a great duo that even James McIvor, Moville’s top male singer, who plays with the amazing Yetis, was highly impressed with.

This is your very last chance to see them. They will appear in Rosatos on Saturday, August 17th.