If you are out and about in Derry this week, you will be experiencing just how alive the city is. The Fleadh has brought people together to celebrate Irish music and culture.

Last night it was lovely to see a young family with their father playing under the arch at the bottom of Shipquay Street. Two young girls, their brother and father were entertaining the crowds and deservedly so. They were amazing to listen to and watch.

The bars in the city are a hive of activity at present. Each one has traditional music going on and so many sessions are just thriving. People are coming into the pubs with their instruments and meeting and playing together. Such talent is unreal.

The streets are coming alive with the music now too and before the week is out, there won’t be a street corner that is music free.

What a wonderful week in the 2013 City of Culture and here’s to continuing with the immersing in authentic Irish music and culture!