Last week I wrote an article which said that a girl in a black bikini was seen running from our backhouse, where she may have stayed the night, at around 10am by my father who said that he wasn’t sure if his mind was playing tricks. See Who Was The Black bikini Girl in our Garden .

It seems that his eyes were not playing tricks. A neighbour said that she saw the girl passing her house in the River Row at about tha time. By that stage the girl had a little black top and little black bottom. She was still barefooted though which our neighbour thought was a bit strange.


She had more of a description, though, than my father. She said that she was ‘a little blonde haired girl’. That narrows it down a bit more.

She didn’t recognise her but she may be able to identify her if she sees her again.

There is a pair of high-heeled shoes in our back house. I had assumed that they belonged to my daughter who is currently in America. However, if the girl was barefooted she may have decided to leave the pair of high heels behind.

Perhaps, on the next hot day, the garda can search for girls in black bikinis on local beaches and ask them their whereabouts at that time and that date last week.

Either that or they can take the high heels and go, Cinderella style, from house to house to see whose feet they fit.

Any volunteers, guys?