Tony Bramwell, who was the Beatles’ road manager, PR guy, talent scout and childhood friend, will be returning for the BeatlesFest on the Lough in Moville at the end of the Month. He will be in Moville for the Friday and Saturday nights of the BeatlesFest.

He will also be there for the National Songwriters Festival which will be on concurrently with the BeatlesFest. Tony was joint head of Apple Records, the Beatles’ record label. He later went on to head Polydor Records when he had The Jam, Slade, Roxy Music and the Bee Gees in his stable amongst others.

He was responsible for the music in Grease and Saturday Night Fever. He got the Bee Gees to write and sing the songs. He was also responsible for the music for five of the Bond movies getting his friend Paul McCartney to do Live and Let Die.

Now, Tony has raised the funds to start his own record label and is looking for talent. The BeatlesFest takes place from Aug 29th to Sep 1st. The National Songwriters Contest is on from Aug 27th to Aug 31st. It will be on during the day.

If any songwriters out there want to take part they should contact [email protected]