Gerard Curran, from Derry, won Moville’s Lighthouse swim for the 2nd year on the trot a few weeks ago. He did it in a new record time of 17 minutes and 18 seconds. Yes, that’s right, he swam from the pier out to the lighthouse and back in that time.

I heard him tell someone that he was doing a 17K race next. “That must just have been a practice for you them” I said to him. He smiled and said that it was but that it was still a tricky swim especially out by the lighthouse.


I wouldn’t have thought any more of it till I recognised his picture in today’s Derry Journal. It said that he had become Irish Log Distance Swimming Association 17km Champion for 2013.

That’s a serious distance to swim. He’s won the lighthouse swim 2 years on the trot now. Let’s hope he comes back next year and brings a whole load of others with him.

News is getting out about it and the numbers, at 25, were double last year’s numbers. Organiser, Peadar McKevitt, is hoping for 40+ swimmers next year.

Maybe one of them could be you.