Festival overview:
2013 Muff Festival was indeed one of the best to date. The weather fortunately held up which enabled events to go as planned and people to come out and enjoy. From the opening parade on Friday night to the closing open air concert on Monday night, the sky remained clear! And heads were everything but!!
Friday night saw the festival get off to a roaring start. Families came in their droves to support the parade and kids explored the field till late. Some of the adults decided to explore the local pub and stay a little longer than usual! Saturday saw a variety of events take place and supported by all once more. From crafts to pets to go karts, it was a long day of fun! Saturday night once more welcomed a host of musical talent and people were entertained with all varieties. No one went home disappointed! Family fun Sunday went swimmingly (apart from Donegal result) and from bike runs, to lorry pulling to sports day, it was a hugely successful day. Monday saw some walking and history while Monday night saw the festival close with an open air music gig and some outstanding talent. This is one event to watch! Simply brilliant!
A great weekend was had by all and many a story to tell! Some can be told, some can’t!!


Renuited Band marches into the night!
On the opening night of the festival, Muff Youth Accordion Band from 30 years ago marched and showed that they really haven’t forgotten their notes, keys etc. These guys and gals had been practising for months and certainly did do themselves justice on the night. However, a select few of the band members decided to celebrate after the occasion in the ‘local’ and a great nights entertainment followed. At 3am as all were leaving, the said group of band members decided to ‘march’ once more! So Muff street once again witnessed the ‘reunited Muff band’ marching, singing and playing! They sounded equally as good as 8 hours previous and some excellent pictures can be viewed on ‘craic on Muff’ facebook page! Keep her lit lads!

Muff Man declares ‘Mags’ his ‘favourite’ aunt!
The opening night of Muff Festival 2013 will surely go down in history! Not only for the success of all but down to the mighty banter and fun that night in The Squealin’ Pig! One young (how kind am I) local man popped into the bar for ‘one’ after the parade! His two uncles decided he wasn’t just having the one and kept the poor man there longer than planned. However as the night progressed the said fella announced to his ‘Aunty Mags’ that she is indeed his favourite Aunty. Apparently Aunty Shaz and Fran would not be too happy with this declaration but they must now accept being relegated to second and third (which aunty is which will be revealed at a later date!). The following day it seems WWIII broke out among the family! However, should the case go to court, there are witnesses! ‘Mags’ is No. 1 !!

Local Butcher finds pool of money!
On Sunday night it was revealed that a certain local butcher (shall remain nameless!!) found a pool of money at his gateway whilst going out for a ‘cycle’ (aha) on Sunday morning. There were euro coins and quite a few others in the pool (no notes unfortunately). The butcher went his cycle and on his return told his lovely wife about his find. He said that some poor person must have dropped the money last night on their way home, no doubt in a rather drunken state! His wife informed him that the said pool of money was in fact his own, which he of course dropped on the previous night en route home! Oh dear! The price of meat may be slightly higher this week in the village. Beware!

Ghosts Legs
Not so much a story to finish, but more a discovery! The Muff Festival is not somewhere we expect to discover an exceptionally talented contemporary rock band. But, like all else this year over the festivities, this was one with a difference! ‘Ghosts Legs’ is the name and the music speaks for itself. The lads premiered on the Saturday evening during The Battle of the Bands competition. Unfortunately the judges had different opinions and the group failed to win, but win they did with the audience. This is one band to look out for and will be featuring next year I hope in the outdoor Music gig. Keep gigging guys!