The Muff Festival 2013 has been one of sheer enjoyment for the locals and visitors alike. The weekend has been a roaring success from start to finish. And it certainly finished in style tonight with the final event.

A number of music groups took to the stage at McKenna’s car park earlier tonight and the village quite literally rocked! A number of young groups set the ball rolling and when the local lads, Gee man, Mickey B and son Rory, Liam Atcheson and bro Kevin took to the stage, the night was well and truly underway. Ending the night was the superb Electric Fly from Derry headed by lead singer Jim. These lads entertained and certainly finished the festival in true festival style!

It was a delight to watch young and old enjoy a variety of music and see the continued support of the local people. It was a family event and catered for all ages. It really felt like a real outdoor festival should be, and I’m sure all in attendance will agree.

Here’s hoping that next year, we will see this as an even bigger event with more turning up. Surely after the feedback from tonight the word will spread that it can be a really big event for future years. Here’s to OBW Muff!!