Muff may well be regarded as a small village in the North West of Ireland. But surely this past weekend has showed that the village really is larger than life! Even ‘Riverdance’ came to town tonight!

A local girl had her hen night this weekend and brought her chicks away for the night on Saturday. She brought the brood back to Muff last night to finish the celebrations off! And celebrate they certainly did! In style as always.

The said girl clearly had a ball on her night away but had a blast in her home village with the locals and the superb entertainment with friends and family in The Squealin’ Pig last night. Whilst the whistle played and the music blasted, she showed just how talented and creative she really is by performing her very own original, authentic, riverdance in the ‘Pig wee bar’. She jigged, and she reeled and was spectacular. A very talented young lady indeed.

Here’s hoping she and her future husband have great fun and familial time in their preparation for their forthcoming marital nuptials in the Autumn.

A great wedding will definitely be in store!