It’s one of the most eagerly anticipated events fo the year. The Raft Race is always a lot of fun. Indeed, the Hair of the Dog / Anchor used to have its busiest day of the year on Raft Race Day.

There’s always a big crowd to see it. They start appearing at about twenty to four, watch the race and then disperse about 4:30pm. It starts at 4pm.

One hopes they get good weather for it. It raises a lot of money for charity. There was one year a few years ago when many of the rafts toppled into the water to the amusement of spectators.

It’s very well run and produces a load of fun.

If they were to change anything I would suggest that they run the different category of rafts at different times rather than all in the same race. That would make it longer and it would be clearer to spectators which rafts are in which category.

However, that’s only minor and I, like everyone else, will be looking forward to it. I just wish they went from the Upper Pier to the lower pier instead of round the pier so that I could watch it from my back garden with friends and family while having a garden party and barbecue. That would be fun.