The winds were so bad today that the Regatta Events had to be cancelled. It’s bad luck that after all that preparation the weather ruined it. The wind seems to have died down now so hopefully Sunday’s Events will take place.

Also cancelled was the projected row by the Moville Rowing Club from Islay to Moville. That got cancelled a few days ago because of the forecast conditions. One wouldn’t have wanted to be out on the open water in conditions like happened today.

It’s a great shame as they had been preparing and training for months. They successfully rowed the same route 2 years ago with a men’s and women’s crew. The distance is 44 miles. They also rowed more than double the distance last year when rowing to Wales in a race in atrocious conditions in which they finished 2nd.

Instead they’re all going to row to Portrush on Sunday. There’s 46 of them going I hear. It’s a good social club as well as a rowing club and they’re taking a barbecue.

They’re a game lot. They’re also looking for new members. You can catch them at the pier in Moville every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. You can have a trial row without joining.