Muff Festival 2013 got off to a roaring start last night. The rain stayed away until after the opening parade and then it poured from the heavens! But a successful evening had passed by then.
The festival queen dance got underway in the Squealin’ Pig and the bar’s entrant deservedly won on the night!
Kevin Lee’s entertained into the wee hours in the ‘wee bar’ and young and old danced and sang. Golly, Gavin and Vincie sang their wee hearts out while Damian and Dermot played into the night.
Gavin was forced to stay late against his wishes (yeah right) and he told all how his aunty Mags has always been his favourite!
The fantastic bar staff took a lot of abuse and smiled through it all (well done folks) and live to work another day.
On leaving the bar in the wee hours it was one of my favourite moments ever as Damian and Dermot (and Eugene, Golly etc) marched down Muff street playing and singing. Priceless!
Then to finally take a snap of the crazy crooked tree on the way home, the night was never ending.
A roaring start indeed to Muff Festival 2013 and one can only await to see what comes next!