This year will be the 6th annual Muff Festival Soap Box Derby. In association with D. McLaughlin Auto Engineering & McErlean Fuels the event takes place on Saturday August 3rd @3.30pm on the Ardmore Road Circuit.

The Soap Box Derby has proved to be one of the most fun and entertaining events over recent years. Crowds gather along the circuit to watch the escapades of the soap boxes. Some make it to the finish and some end up…..well, not quite intact! It is a family event and well worth a viewing!

This years event is on the Ardmore Road Circuit so residents of Ardmore and Iskaheen are asked to be vigilant regarding the road closure times on the day.

The categories for the Soap Box Derby 2013 are:
Young person: 8 – 16 years old
Adult: Over 17 years.

Good luck to one and all entrants. I’m sure you’ll give us all a great evenings fun!