Perhaps Moville and the area has found a new summer attraction. With the summer season now just 52 days long perhaps we have something that will bring the tourists flocking back.

Bathers at Shrove beach on Sunday, at around 3pm, got a very pleasant surprise. There had been a pod of about 30 in Moville between the pier and the lighthouse on Saturday. Now it was Shrove’s turn on Sunday.

A group of three dolphins swam close to the shore there yesterday afternoon. They were so close in that those in the shallow waters could hear them breathing. One man there said that it was amazing.

Anyone near the shore over the next few days should keep an eye out for them. They seem to like it here. It would be nice if they could hang around for a while and keep coming back. That would bring the tourists flocking back.

Still no pictures yet. If anyone has one email it to me at [email protected] and I’ll publish it.