The rowing club, who were out training, saw a pod of about 30 dolphins out near the lighthouse on Friday night between 8pm and 9pm. They had been seen earlier at around 7:20pm going up the lough and they were obviously on the way back when the rowing club saw them.

The rowers went out to see them and they saw them first of all just under the surface of the water. Then the dolphins starting leaping into the air. “They leapt about 5 feet into the air, time and time again” said one of the rowers. “It was amazing to see”.

Unfortunately not one of them had taken their mobile phone with them and so there are no pictures.

The dolphins were there again on Saturday night. Those fishing at the pier were able to see them. So, keep an eye out for them if you are down by the water especially in the evening.

It was on Saturday afternoon when the swim round the lighthouse took place. Imagine what would have happened if the dolphins had been around then. They are playful animals. However, the first thing the exhausted swimmers might have seen as they rounded the lighthouse might have been a fin just above the water. Imagine what they might have thought then.